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Converting 5K to Three Miles

Converting 5K times to 3-mile times.

The Conversion

One inch is exactly equal to 2.54 centimeters. Rather than bore you with the conversion process, let me just say that that three miles is equal to five kilometers times 9.6559 x 10^-1. Your figures may come out differently depending on how many significant figures you use in your calculations.

How To Convert

The easy way to convert times using a calculator is as follows:
[Note that you will not need any scratch paper nor a "memory" key.]

Say you have a 5k time of 17:27...

  1. Convert the seconds into minutes [enter 27, divide by 60].
  2. Now add your minutes to this number [plus 17].
  3. Convert this number to three miles [multiply by 0.96559].
  4. You should now have the number 16.84954550 (again, it depends on how many decimal places or significant figures you are using). This is your three mile time, 16-something.
  5. Subtract the minutes [here, minus 16]
  6. Convert the remaining decimals to seconds [multiply by 60]. You should get 50.97273000 (or close to it).
  7. This is your time: 16:51 (always round up, you lousy cheater).


Another example: 21:05 = 20:22. That is, five divided by 60, enter; plus 21, enter; times 0.96559, enter; minus 20, enter; times 60, enter; 21:05 = 20:22.

This, of course, is the same conversion method used to go from 10K to 6 miles, etc.


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